Hi there, I'm Diane—an experienced photographer and meticulous retoucher immersed in the visual arts for over two decades. My passion for photography sparked at 14, working as a wedding photographer's assistant, igniting a wild passion for visual storytelling.

My academic journey led me through Film and Television studies, honing my skills in scripting evocative narratives that came to life through my cinematography. This foundational knowledge transitioned seamlessly into roles within the camera departments of diverse film and television projects, both behind the scenes as a still photographer and in the active creation of compelling visual stories. I enriched my background with a master's in journalism to create robust narratives with striking photojournalism.

Over a decade as a photo retoucher for major retailers refined my grasp of storytelling, emphasizing the power of a cohesive, polished visual message. During this time, I also kept my photography skills sharp by launching a photography business of my own offering services across diverse disciplines—from documentary to portraiture. Regardless of the genre or subject, my aim is to craft intimate narratives through imagery, capturing emotions, preserving moments, and resonating deeply with viewers.

I believe art is omnipresent, thriving in the ordinary and the extraordinary—requiring only a perceptive eye to recognize its beauty.